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ProMAC Conferences

5/3-5 ProMAC International (CO) (Register)
1/18-19 ProMAC East (NJ) (Register) (Event Details)
7/19-20 ProMAC East (NJ) (Register)
7/26-27 ProMAC West (CA) (Register)
10/18-19 ProMAC West (CA) (Register)
10/25-26 ProMAC East (NJ) (Register)

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Instructor Certification

JAN 20 Certification Test (NJ) (Register)
MAR 9 Certification Test (CA) (Register)
MAY 5 Certification Test (CO) (Register)

MAY 18 Certification Test (CA) (Register)
JUL 21 Certification Test (NJ) (Register)
JUL 28 Certification Test (CA) (Register)
SEP 7 Certification Test (CA) (Register)
OCT 20 Certification Test (CA) (Register)
OCT 27 Certification Test (NJ) (Register)
NOV 16 Certification Test (CA) (Register)

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Headquarter Events (CA)

3/7-8 Satori Alliance Spring Training (Register)
3/20-22 Instructor Immersion (Register)
Instructor Immersion (Register)

7/10-12 Instructor Immersion (Register)
9/4-6 Instructor Immersion (Register)


Regional Events

Stay Tuned for 2019 Events...

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Looking to book Dave Kovar or the Kovar Systems team for a special event at your school? Send us a request! Click here to contact us today and find out how you can  book your own special future event for 2019.

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