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Integrity-based martial arts business coaching and guidance with 1000+ resources to help you save time and grow your school. Keep your students training longer, grow your active student count, and develop a world-class team to keep your martial arts school running successfully, even during challenging times.

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Programs for Martial Arts School Owners

Any school can benefit, big or small.

Business & Coaching

Our powerful business solution will help grow your martial arts school through 1-on-1 coaching, systems, business plans, and resources.

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Instructor Training

Instructor tools, courses, and training to help deliver impactful classes your martial arts students deserve.

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Online Events

Attend events that are full of quality business and on-the-mat sessions to help you grow and maintain a successful martial arts school.

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School Owner Testimonials

What our clients are saying now

I have been a Kovar Systems client for over a decade and continue to benefit professionally and personally from their support — now more than ever. The Kovar Systems Team has gone above and beyond during the pandemic and I could not be more grateful to be a client.

Chris H.
School Owner (WA)

Their support through our current crisis has been phenomenal. They are on the cutting edge of what makes the martial art business so important in our ever changing world... I give them my strongest recommendation.-

Charles Water
School Owner (NJ)

We feel so much more secure in these scary and uncertain times being able to reach out with questions about all kinds of unprecedented situations we find our selves in. They have actually increased their support, providing daily sessions covering every topic a school owner needs to know about to stay afloat in today’s world.

Karen Valentine
School Owner (CA)

Kovar Systems has been VITAL to the systems that I put in place in my school and as a result we have been able to weather the storm these past several months. If it weren't for Kovar Systems, I most likely wouldn't have a school anymore.

Kris Carlson
School Owner (CA)

For me, the main reason why I have such trust and belief in the Kovar Systems team is their longevity which they've cultivated through their continual efforts to grow, evolve, adapt, remain relevant, and learn. They're very effective in using their longevity and experience to help their clients get to the next level. 

Jared Arteca
School Owner (MA)

I chose and have stayed with Kovar Systems for many years because it has continued to provide solutions and support as my schools have grown and evolved. I placed my trust in them and fully embrace the systems and ideals they provide and promote and have 4 thriving schools as a result.

Nancy Walzog
School Owner
Our Programs are here to help school owners...

Survive and Thrive

Martial Arts Business Plans

Let us help you get your martial arts student active count up, your staff fully capable of teaching rock-solid virtual or in-person classes that your students will come back for, and the peace of mind that your martial art school doors are going to remain open.

You can now enroll to receive our proprietary coaching and business resources which includes specific strategies and business plans for your school to overcome any challenge you may face. Click below to join now.

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New Blog Every Thursday, for more resources visit our Learning Center.

How to Fine-Tune Your Power of Persuasion

One of the first steps to being able to effectively recruit new students for your martial arts school is to educate them that their martial arts training will improve their current lifestyle and win them over to this shared belief. Ultimately, this process is the process of persuasion. Instructors...

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When Are Students Most Likely to Quit Martial Arts?

The first 100 days of a new martial arts student’s training are by far the most critical and should be given special attention. Percentage-wise, more students are lost during the first 100 days than during any other period.

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That's What I Like About You

As you know, a martial arts instructor can have an incredibly influential role in their student’s life. Therefore, it is important that we use our influence for the betterment of our students and that our messages are consistently positive and uplifting.

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