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Your Martial Arts School Business Solution

Next-Level Business Systems
Industry Leading Instructor Training
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Business Systems

Our systems, processes and tools are currently used in nine of our own actively, successful schools. Your martial arts school is unique and we will help you implement our systems in a way that is easy and impactful for your business.

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Instructor Certification

We teach mastery of instruction, proactive customer service, on-mat experience, curriculum processes, time management, class schedules that maximize utilization of space and staff, and much more.

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Established Events

With nearly 40 years of experience in the martial arts industry, our team is knowledgable in many avenues and styles. We provided engaging and enriching events across the world dedicated to expanding our industry.

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    "I was given a coach who took personal interest in my goals and my business and walked me through the changes I needed to implement to ensure success. Within a year I moved from being a club to having my own facility. In 2013, I was regularly grossing $3500 per month; today I gross $19,000+ per month. Plus this year, we just pulled off our best month ever grossing $25,000. We just opened a new 3200 square foot facility. Our clientele is growing. Our staff is well-trained and thriving. Our curriculum is more dynamic. Our systems are greatly improved for client acquisition and retention. Parent and student satisfaction are higher than ever. As for me, I was able to quit my day job and focus on running my business full-time. I could not be happier or more satisfied."

    Matt Rosalez

    School Owner, MAX Martial Arts

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    "There is perhaps no other person in the industry that knows more, has put in more mat time and balances BEING a martial artist with substantive business methods that work. No slick fads, no high pressure sales tactics just integrity based business systems that will close the gap between present day and where ideally in your business and life you want to be. Kyoshi Dave Kovar and the entire Kovar Systems team easily earns my highest professional recommendation."

    Chris Rappold

    School Owner, Personal Best Karate

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    "Why choose Kovar systems? Because it works! Kyoshi Kovar reflects honor and integrity as a man, as a martial artist and as a business man. I chose and have stayed with Kovar Systems for many years because it has continued to provide solutions and support as my schools have grown and evolved. I placed my trust in them and fully embrace the systems and ideals they provide and promote and have 4 thriving schools as a result."

    Nancy Walzog

    School Owner, Satori Academy of Martial Arts

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    "Kyoshi Dave Kovar is a leader amongst his peers. His methods and procedures are being applied in professional martial arts schools through out the world. The success of our schools comes down to the quality of each student's experience in the classroom. Kyoshi Kovar never loses sight of that. He is obsessed with making the world a better place, one Black Belt at a time. Follow the leader."

    Thomas Clifford

    School Owner, Thomas Clifford's Martial Arts

Learn how we average 150 new students every month.

Looking for next-level business solutions for your school?

develop systems within your school to increase your Results

Our Professional Martial Arts Coaching system (ProMAC) is backed by 40 years of school operations experience and a full team of success coaches that have many years of combined Martial Arts and Business Management experience.

Members receive immediate access to their own customizable online portal that provides resources, tools, marketing strategies, and marketing materials that have performed for us in today’s market. 


With our new martial arts school portal website, you can now share and customize content not just with your staff, but also with your students. Upload your own videos and content to keep your students training longer in a password-protected environment.

Start providing custom content to your team that works.

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Want to Improve Your On-Mat Experience?

The Satori alliance. Certified instruction.

The Satori Alliance is an industry-game changer for all on-mat experiences. Our team created this world-wide international association of martial arts instructors with the mission to serve and positively impact the global martial arts community – from beginning students to experienced instructors – by establishing a shared level of excellence for martial arts instruction, professionalism, and ongoing learning that honors tradition and inspires innovation.

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Invest in your martial arts school success.

Network & Learn from the Best in the Industry.

Join us for Our East & West Coast conferences

Join us for our quarterly conferences on both the East and West Coasts. Have the opportunity to...

  • Learn Cutting edge business systems, Recruiting tips, Retention tactics
  • Network and train with other martial artists from around the globe
  • Attend sessions powered by The Satori Alliance

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Our nine academies currently have over 3000 paying students and we continue to maintain a 97% retention rate. Join us today and learn how we average 150 new students every month. We will show you how!

 Whether you need next-level school operation, staff and/or instructor development or just want to attend one of the many events we provide...

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