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SAMPLE WEEKLY TIP: The Purpose of Internet Reviews

Kovar Systems Marketing Tips

A student/parent progress check meeting is a powerful tool for strengthening your retention by keeping you and them focused on their growth. This short meeting, conducted with a child and their parent, dramatically increases the percentage of students who will train to black belt and beyond.

The last of the eight steps is: “ask them to review the program on Yelp or social media.”

As small business owners we already know a good review is worth a great deal—but do you really understand why? With a good review you not only attract potential buyers, you can also increase conversion rate, improve your internet rankings, and boost your  keyword content—but that’s not even the best part!

Reviews turn your customers into spokes-people for your business and increase their engagement on social media—which in-turn increases the reach on your business page. The reach of your school grows when others are sharing your message. Those who create reviews believe they have a voice and they will, by default, become your biggest fans  in support of their online review. So make influencers of the believers and see how much more ground you can gain supporting and fostering their positive attitudes toward your business. Then watch the free-promotions begin to spread.