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Staff Training
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Instructor Training + Certification

A Step by Step Instructor Certification Online Coursework as well as live testing by our Satori Instructor Alliance Staff to take your instructor to the next level with their Mindset, Classroom Management, Communication Skills, Professionalism, and Critical Thinking. Certification Course includes: 120 Lessons, 60 Assignments, and 600 Quiz Questions

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program director

Program Director Training

Running the mat is a FULL-TIME job! We know there is a great benefit to having a qualified Program Director who can drive your academy in areas of growth, retention, sales, and communication while you do what you love: teach martial arts. We have developed the Program Director Certification Course to train a member of your team to thrive in this role.

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satori ryu

Martial Arts Training + Satori Ryu

If you’re looking for a martial arts growth plan that is progressive and challenging, or if you have no path to achieve your next rank, then The Satori Alliance can help. We help you to be a complete martial artist, working all ranges of combat as well as mind and body.

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Staff training to bring your school to the next level

  • "The [Instructor Program] is definitely committed to impact martial arts instruction, professionalism, and learning in a positive way, which promotes excellence. The teaching strategies and techniques the organization provides to instructors are extremely effective and have a tremendous impact on an instructor’s teaching. As an instructor who has been familiar with the topics discussed in the Satori Alliance course, it definitely reminded me that there are many things I can do to bring my teaching to a whole new level. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it for instructors of all levels."

    Joseph Bondi

    Head Instructor, Satori Academy of NJ

  • "Not only are the materials and systems top notch, the leaders and staff are some of the nicest, most giving people I have met in the industry. They truly care about my school and about me. Every interaction I have had with them has left me a better instructor, leader, and person..."

    Dennis Forleo

    Owner, Shepherd-Warrior Martial Arts

Instructor Toolbox

Thousands of drill videos

The Toolbox gives you unlimited, on-demand access to a library of nearly 1000 videos that are non-style specific and can be implemented on the spot. Receive new, innovative ideas for your instructors to apply right away. Your students will benefit instantly.

  • Student Drills for All Ages
  • Self-Defense Techniques
  • Weapons Curriculum
  • Exercise & Fitness Drills

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Instructor Immersion Program

Fast track to training instructors

Have the opportunity to work alongside the instructors of The Satori Alliance and Kovar’s Satori Academies in a real class environment. This three day event will take your teaching skills to the next level through discussions and feedback of key concepts and teaching tools, and then provide the opportunity to immediately put those tools into practice in an immersive, hands on experience.

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Martial Arts Fall and Spring Training

train with others and improve your art

Satori Ryu Fall Training 2019 is intended to be an action-packed two full days of training! If you plan on testing for rank in Satori Ryu, this is a great opportunity to prepare and connect with teammates. You will get to train in various styles taught by Hanshi Kovar and the Satori Alliance Instructor Team! Open to all Martial Arts Instructors and Students.


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Let us help you build the team that your students deserve and will lead you to a successful future.

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