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Improve Your Martial Arts School Business


A solution to grow your business with coaching and resources.

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1-on-1 Business Coaching
MA School Portal and Resources
Community Network Access
Admission to ProMAC Conferences


A solution for instructors with the tools to build a world-class team.

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Community Facebook Group
Instructor Certification Level I
Black Belt Testing / Ranking - Satori Ryu
Live and Online Training Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MA School Portal?

The MA School Portal is a customizable website environment where school owners can login and access all the tools and resources we provide to help grow your martial arts school. This portal can also act as a training platform for your team or a place to share class content with students and/or parents all with a password-protected access. Okay, I want to see what the portal looks like. Let's make an appointment.

How does the 1-on-1 Business Coaching work?

We offer personal 1-on-1 success coaching for all Select/Ascend members that is unique to your own business needs and goals. Our success coaches have many years of combined martial arts and business management experience to help you run a successful school and keep you accountable! That sounds good. Let's make an appointment and learn more.

What does the Resource Library Include?

The Resource Library (found within your MA School Portal) is full of over hundreds of integrity-based systems, processes, and tools that are currently used in eight of our own actively successful Kovar's Satori Academy schools.  By joining the Satori Business Community, you will have access to these resources that include a wide variety of documents and videos that discuss how to grow your student count, how to keep your students training longer, and ways to manage and develop your team. Great! I want access to the Resource Library. I am ready to make an appointment.

Do you have a free trial for your products?

No. We do not offer free access to our member resources before purchases. However, you can receive a free walkthrough of all resources with one of our team representatives by scheduling an appointment. Okay, let's make an appointment, I am ready to see all your available products.

We also offer free content in the form of weekly blogs and tips. I want my free content now.

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