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Grow Your School

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Coaching for School Growth

Our Success Coaches are experienced in many ways to grow martial arts schools. Our smallest school has over 150 active students. Receive 1-on-1 Coaching with experts and active members of the martial arts industry who have helped many school owners be accountable, succeed, and thrive.

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Systems That Get & Keep More Students

There are many ways to get new students. We have a library complete with over 3000 documents and videos that will help your martials arts school grow and stay active throughout each season.

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Learn from Your Peers

We host events where you can connect with and learn from other school owners looking to grow and shape their own schools. That is a big reason why we started Kovar Systems in the first place was because we wanted to be around other people that shared our philosophy of martial arts and learn from others how to succeed.

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We will help you grow your school from the start.

  • "This is for any martial arts school owner of any sized school, any style of martial arts, and for both full time and part time owners. We would not be where we are at if wasn’t for the constant guidance and accountability of our coach, the openness of everyone associated with Kovar Systems, and the belief that the rising tide raises all boats!"

    Chris Tersak

    Owner, Tersak’s Family Martial Arts Academy

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    "State of the art system. Highly recommend to school owners!!! Respect!"

    Apolo Ladra


  • "I learn ALOT working with other school owners, operators and Kovar Systems. Thank you for all you do and helping us all grow and help more people through the Martial Arts."

    Pam Lacey

    Instructor, Action Karate

Enrollment Accelerator + Lead Generator

Grow Your school with our online tools

Need help maximizing your online advertising? Our Enrollment Accelerator and Lead Generator are the perfect combination to increasing your online advertising presence by utilizing Google Ad Words and landing pages to direct potential student from the internet and through your martial arts school front door.  

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Ready to Start Growing Your School?

Let us help you build systems and processes that will lead you to success.

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