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Brief Moments of Clarity

By dave kovar (Feb 22, 2013)

Brief Moments of Clarity was born of author Dave Kovar's ongoing quest to learn how he could be at his best - emotionally, spiritually, and physically - as consistently as possible. Replete with ancient wisdom, refreshing insight, meaningful word-pictures and practical knowledge, Brief Moments of Clarity is a singularly intuitive compassionate and actionable guide to wellness.

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The Martial Arts Instructor's Toolbox

By dave kovar (Aug 22, 2013)

An indispensable tool for every martial arts instructor. Mr. Kovar shares the keys to becoming an outstanding martial arts teacher. Review the ideal mindset for instructors before they start. Find details of essential teaching techniques, tactics and tools to improve every instructor. Also read how to deal with challenging children and parent/student communications. Dave Kovar reveals the most valuable lessons he has learned over 30 years of teaching. This book is your manual for becoming a great martial arts instructor.

Paperback  $17.95


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Kovar’s Parenting Books (Set of 3)

By dave kovar (Oct 27, 2011)

Dave Kovar has just released three new books designed and priced to be ideal retention tools for the parents of your students. They also are ideal bonus items for your seminars and clinics. Each book is packed with Dave Kovar’s best parenting tips. Titles include: 15 Powerful Tools for Successful Parenting, School Safe - Street Safe, and Healthier Kids – Smarter Kids.

Paperback  $7.95/each


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A Dad's Toolbox For Better Parenting

By dave kovar (Feb 14, 2011)

Dave Kovar's expertise as a leader and teacher in the martial arts world, as well as his own journey of fatherhood, gives him a unique perspective to speak out on what it really means to be a Dad. But more than experience, Dave has a passion for helping children and their parents lead healthier, happier lives. A Dad's Toolbox for Better Parenting is a source of constant support and practical inspiration on how to be a better father-the kind of father you want to be and your children deserve.

Paperback  $17.95


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Quick Guide to Getting More Students

Quick Guide to Getting More Students

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One of the keys to running a successful Martial Arts School is the ability to consistently acquire new students. Every school has their own methods for doing this, and many student recruitment strategies work better for some schools than others. It’s important to keep your community in mind when reviewing this guide.


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7 Reasons Why Students Leave eBook

7 Reasons Why Students Leave

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Too often, Martial Arts students discontinue their training well before they were able to see the benefits that long-term training can bring.  As Instructors, we usually take the viewpoint that their quitting was beyond our control.  More often than not, however, student quits are actually preventable.


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Q-A Great MA Instructor.png

Qualities & Attributes of a Great Martial Arts Instructor

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This ebook is just a small sample of the materials we provide to our teachers-in-training at our Kovar’s Satori Academy schools. We hope you and your team will find this ebook a useful guide to review with your beginning and advanced instructors.


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