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Our Services and Products

improve your business today

Do these questions sound familiar?

"How can I get more students into my school?"

"When will I find time and energy to train quality instructors to teach?"

"Why are my students leaving before they get their black belt?"

"How am I ever going to get more personal time for me and my family?"

"Why isn't my business reaching the goals I want to achieve?"

You're not ALONE!

Many school owners and operators world-wide are asking themselves the same questions and they are looking for a complete solution that can help them find all the right answers. Running a successful martial arts school doesn't have to be so complicated, so why re-invent the wheel when it already exists?

Kovar Systems provides, based off years of experience within our own active schools, systems and processes that are ready for you and your team to apply right away within your own martial arts school. The below products are available to all styles and business levels. We know the importance of keeping your school unique to you!

So let's get started today!


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The Satori Business Community

Business Systems, Accountability, and CoACHING

The Satori Business Community is our most robust and in-depth set of martial arts business systems and processes that are dedicated to helping owners and school operators to run their schools at peak efficiency. We are backed by 40 years of school operations experience and a full team of success coaches that have many years of combined Martial Arts and Business Management experience.

As a Business Community member, you will receive personal 1-on-1 success coaching unique to your own business needs and goals. You will have immediate, on-demand access to your own customizable online portal that provides resources, tools, marketing strategies, and marketing materials that have performed for us in today’s market. You will also have the capability to upload, share and network the System and your own content among your team and students within a password protected environment.

The Satori Business Community takes the industry’s best practices and utilize the latest technologies to maximize efficiency and impact. Our mission is to enable school operators to improve all aspects of school operation through our personalized systems that will work best for your success. We focus on three key areas: Student Acquisition, Student Retention and Staff Development.

Benefits to this product includes....

  • Gaining More Students with Higher Level of Satisfaction
  • Developing Your Own Qualified, Productive, & Proactive Team
  • Higher Level of Profitability within Your School
  • Giving Yourself Peace of Mind & More Personal Time
  • Maintaining a Lower Advertising Budget
  • The Opportunity to Expand Your Peer Network

Kovar Systems knows the importance of developing and growing a martial arts school that is unique to you. The Satori Business Community is a multi-layered system designed to work for your own unique style. Whether you're a first-time school owner or an experienced multi-location school operator, we have a level of accountability and library of resources made just for you. Find out how we can help you make the next-level business step.


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The Satori Instructor Alliance

An international association of martial arts instructors

The Satori Instructor Alliance is an industry game-changer for all on-mat experiences. Our team created this world-wide international association of martial arts instructors with the mission to serve and positively impact the global martial arts community – from beginning students to experienced instructors – by establishing a shared level of excellence for martial arts instruction, professionalism, and ongoing learning that honors tradition and inspires innovation.

What's Available now...

  • Instructor Certification Level I 
  • Black Belt Testing / Ranking - Satori Ryu 
  • Live and Online Training Opportunities

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Professional Martial Arts Community Conferences

Peer Networking, Business Sessions

All Martial Arts Instructors, Program Directors, School Owners and Operators are invited to join Dave Kovar and the Kovar Systems team for our fast-paced two to three day conferences in New Jersey, Northern California, Colorado, and Texas. Attend sessions that are designed to help accelerate your martial arts school business.

You and your team have a chance to learn.......

  • Cutting-Edge Business Systems & Processes
  • New Student RecruitingTechniques
  • Student Retention Tactics
  • and so much MORE!

You will also have the opportunity to join other martial artists from around the world for unparalleled on-the-mat training sessions with some of the industry’s best!


See Our Event Page

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Martial Arts Instructor Toolbox

Drills and skills video resource library

The Instructor Toolbox gives you unlimited, on-demand access to a library of nearly 1000 videos that are non-style specific and can be implemented on the spot to every day classes. Receive new, innovative ideas for your instructors to apply right away. Your students will benefit instantly. Videos are added EVERY week!

Benefits to this service includes....

  • Stop Wasting Time & Energy
  • Keep Classes Fun & Exciting
  • Improve Student Satisfaction
  • Keep Students Engaged

Purchase 1-Month Subscription Here

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Enrollment Accelerator + Inquiry Generator

more inquiries. higher close rate. more students.

No matter how you produce leads, The Enrollment Accelerator will motivate more of those leads to visit your school. And they’ll come in ready to enroll.

The Enrollment Accelerator delivers personalized studio-quality 2-minute video presentations to your prospective students. Each prospect sees an introduction to your program that is tailored to match their specific interest. The experience is powerfully persuasive.

The addition of the Inquiry Generator turbo-charges your lead generation through a specialized Google Adwords campaign -- pushing your Enrollment Accelerator to the next level. Sit back and let us take the wheel in promoting your school to an audience that you normally could not reach.

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On-Site Events

Training. Staff Development. Business Coaching.

Kovar Systems provides many in-person, on-site events that allows martial artists of all levels, in both the training and business industry, to make the next move in their own personal and professional growth. From school business management to how to conduct a proper on-mat experience with students and parents, we cover it all.

Want to book Dave Kovar or one of our ProMAC Success Coaches to visit your martial arts school for the day? Contact us today and find out how to receive on-site seminars (Instructor College, Business Boot Camp, or other martial arts instruction), school and staff evaluations, or any martial arts related events.

Events that occur annually include...

  • Dave Kovar's Business Seminar
  • Public and Private Instructor Colleges
  • Private On-Site Success Coach Visits
  • Public or Private Martial Arts Specific Training Sessions
  • ProMAC East and West Conferences
  • ProMAC International Conferences

Book an Event at My School  See All Public Events

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